Full Membership of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Full Membership of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

BCAM Membership

I am very pleased to announce that I am now a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. BCAM is an organisation that was founded to advance the effective, safe and ethical practice of aesthetic medicine. It’s membership is limited to doctors and dentists, which means that all members belong to a statutory regulatory body, either the GMC or GDC. This is really important for patients as there are many practitioners out there who have no medical qualifications at all but are setting themselves up as so called “experts” in aesthetic treatments. These people have little if any anatomical knowledge and are unable to deal with the complications that arise from their treatments. This is why bodies like BCAM are so important for improving the standards of aesthetic medicine. If you see someone who is a BCAM member you can be reassured that they are a medical professional who can provide safe and effective treatments.

Why see a doctor for your aesthetic treatments?

1) Doctors have a “duty of care” to you, which is equal to that of your GP or local A&E department. As a BCAM member they will also be fully ensured and subject to regular appraisal.

2) On the rare occasions when there is a treatment complication a doctor has the full skills and equipment to deal with it safely. If a dermal filler needed to be dissolved it requires a prescription only medicine which should be stocked by anyone doing dermal filler treatments. Ask your practitioner if they have this, and if they are appropriately qualified to use it.

3) A doctor will the anatomical knowledge to to reduce the risks of a complication. The UK is the only Western country allowing non-medics to inject, which I believe is hugely increasing the number of complications we are seeing.

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